“I lost my husband in 2010 to bone cancer and it was a very brief time between diagnosis and death. Kim helped me with all the necessary documents to obtain benefits, receive life insurance, file final tax returns and the transfer of investments into my name. She also advised on the sale of my existing home and purchase of a new one. I could not have gone through this ordeal without Kim’s help, patience and her endless consideration of how I was dealing with this unexpected loss.”


“Kim has been instrumental in assisting me and my children in a time of devastation – the loss of my husband who was battling Colitis and Kidney Failure disease for several years. Kim was always available to provide me with advice both before and then after my husband’s death. She helped schedule appointments with the bank to review financial status, printed and helped complete forms for CPP survivor benefits along with death benefit and life insurance policies as well. We are just going through the final phases of the estate administration and I could not have done it without EASIhelp.”


“I lost my husband to GBM (brain cancer) after a 4 year, 4 month ordeal in June of 2012. Kim’s assistance was priceless, from helping with forms for the benefits due to me and my sons, insurance settlements, bank account closures and just general overall support through this time of loss in our lives.”