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It depends on the complexity of the estate and we will do a complete assessment and advise of the cost upfront, without obligation from you.

Absolutely you can, if you are comfortable navigating through the required documents to complete an estate’s administration. Our services are for people who are uncomfortable with attempting to take this work on themselves or are overwhelmed with the work involved at this difficult time.

Here are links to the sites where these forms can be printed, for completion and submission.

It depends on the complexity of the estate, but we try to complete assessments with 24-48 hours of receipt of all of the information required to provide you with thorough assessment and cost.
We will attempt to assist you to find all of the documentation you require to finalize the estate, whether it is filing for birth certificate, ordering new death certificates, whatever you require.
The earlier you file for CPP benefits the better, as CPP does have a time limit of how far back they will go for retroactive payments, currently it states 12 months on their website. It should be mentioned that Revenue Canada does have a timeframe in which the final tax return must be filed and we can advise at the time of the original assessment.
EASIhelp can assist in financial matters but as we are neither accountants nor lawyers, we work in conjunction with our associated experts for the completion of the estate work.
We will advise you if you require the services of an accountant and/or lawyer, and we will recommend those we are associated with. Often we can take care of the paperwork with these professionals on your behalf and you will always be advised of the cost beforehand, usually in the initial assessment of the estate.

After reviewing all the details of the estate we can advise whether or not this is required.

Here ia a link to an article on recent tax changes.

Most funeral homes have some type of outside source for this same type of help and there is usually a fee included on the invoice.
Our physical office is located in Parry Sound, but we can be reached in a variety of ways to help you, including telephone, fax or email and we likely have a representative in your area. Our contact page will give you a list of options to contact us.
We can conduct our assessment questions over the telephone or vial email or fax, or we can come to you, depending on location, etc.
Yes. Nothing will be divulged without your express consent, and only to those parties who require information to assist in the handling of your estate. Please review our privacy policy for further details.

We found the following article to be helpful in simplifying the CPP process and calculations.