Our Story

As Financial Advisors, we help people manage all aspects of their financial security. Several considerations go into making the best decision for our clients. Estate planning is a very integral part of any financial decisions, especially if you do not have any 'plan' in place.

We have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and as such have handled many Estates, from the simple to the more complex.

We are now extending our services to those who are not our existing clients, through EASIhelp and we can now offer you the help you need in completing all documentation required to settle an estate. More importantly you can retain our services until the estate is settled.

We are NOT lawyers, we are NOT accountants, however, we do have them at our fingertips and will consult with them on your behalf if required.

Our Services

  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • CPP Benefit Application completion (Spouse; children; Death Benefit)
  • CPP Survivor's Pension application completion
  • Assistance with Investment settlements
  • Final income tax returns for deceased
  • Advise whether deceased's will requires Certificate of Estate Trustee with a Will (better known as Probate)

Our Leadership

Kim Campbell started her career right out of college, with her first career position selling only GIC- type products to clients. Over the past 25 years she has achieved her CPCA (Certified Professional Consultant on Aging) designation, her registered deposit broker designation, her mutual fund licence, and her life insurance licence.

Kim is the consummate professional, putting her clients first in all situations and has garnered a reputation for her honesty, integrity and providing the highest level of customer service.

Having vast experience in the financial services industry Kim has handled many estates, ranging from very simple and straightforward to more complicated and complex.

Throughout years of working with clients, Kim discovered that there is a need to get more deeply involved in the settling of the estate, and not just the planning end. Educating clients is something Kim is passionate about.

As such, Kim is eager to assist clients seeking help in the estate handling process, and as a source of information and knowledge by providing this service through EASIhelp.

Debbie Gracie-Smith is a business strategic advisor with a background in IT management. She co-founded a successful international IT consulting management firm, which garnered her a spot in Profit Magazine's Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs (2002, 2003, 2004), as well as propelling the company into #4 in Profit Magazine's ranking HOT 50 Emerging Growth Companies in Canada, 2003.

She assists start up companies, and is very excited and passionate about establishing EASIhelp to assist people with the entire process of estate administration, in this stressful time of their lives.

Our Company

EASIhelp is a privately owned business with the owners actively managing and developing the business.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to assist in the settlement of estates in a professional, respectful manner, providing the utmost in integrity, privacy and efficiency.